Lani Muelrath Gets 52% Opt-in Conversion Rate

Client Spotlight – Lani Muelrath’s New Site Gets 52% Opt-in Conversion Rate

lani-muelrath-site-250wPhase 1 –

On September 1, we launched a brand new opt-in page for award winning fitness expert, Lani Muelrath of Magalia, California.  And the feedback and results have been very exciting.

Here are just a few of the comments received so far:

  • “It’s beautiful, I like what you created. Your site is crisp and modern…”
  • “Very impressive! Major credibility with the visuals, plus all the other credibility “stuff”.”
  • “Really well done all around.”
  • “Looking great! The opt-in page is fab and talk about a benefit rich headline – who wouldn’t want that!”
  • “I think it looks great. Excellent video!”

Her results?  Her opt-in rate has been over 52% on unique visitors, with over 600 visitors so far.  Lani says, “The kit has been flying out the door!”

We’re working on her new Mother Lode Website (Phase 2) and will launch that in just the next few days.  So if you go visit her site now, you’ll be able to experience the “before and after”.  Lani and I can’t wait to show you the new version to you!

Lani’s phenomenal success comes from a winning combination of elements: she’s offering something truly irresistible with a clear marketing message to her ideal client. Also, her site delivers a professional presentation, and her credibility is very prominent.  She can deliver on what she promises.

Here’s what Lani had to say…

“With my business happily growing and changing, I knew it was time to bring someone on board to assist with optimizing my offers.  Enter Karen at ESS.

“Karen helped me take some of my powerful content and craft it into an amazing, irresistible opt-in offer.

Within the first week, I’ve seen an over 52% conversion rate – and that’s from unique visitors! I can’t wait to see what happens when we launch the rest of my site.

“I have some  high profile opportunities this month so we published my new opt-in offer before everything else was ready. So glad we did.

“And with Karen’s expertise, we came up with a beautiful page that is getting rave reviews.    Thank you Karen!”

Lani Muelrath

This is just one of several sites my team and I are currently working on.  I can’t wait to share them all with you in the next few weeks.


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