NEW Marketing and Branding for Miriam Ortiz y Pino of More Than Organized

Client Spotlight – NEW Marketing and Branding for Miriam Ortiz y Pino of More Than Organized

Meet Miriam Ortiz y Pino, certified professional organizer and simplicity expert. When I launched my brand new private VIP “Irresistible Marketing Program” earlier this year, Miriam was one of the first people to snatch a spot.

Although she had been in business for over a decade and had spent thousands of dollars on marketing and branding programs, she was getting inconsistent results. She never knew if her next launch or promotion would be a success or not.

In just one month, I helped her get crystal clear on who her ideal client was and the exact words and phrases to attract them. We uncovered that the branding archetype she had been using for years was not correct and was sabotaging her marketing efforts. Then I showed her how to brand her marketing with the right archetype (Ruler) to attract her ideal client.

The results? Here, I’ll let her tell you all about it…

“After just 2 months of working with Karen,
I had my first 5 figure month!”

I’ve worked with Karen before and I will again. She is so knowledgable and patient that it is just a delight to work with her.

In the past, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other coaching programs, but was still struggling with my branding and not getting consistent results for my marketing efforts.  Working with Karen changed all that.

Karen’s coaching opened my eyes and has me connecting with potential clients easily and practically effortlessly. After just 2 months of working with Karen, I had my first 5 figure month!

It has made a huge difference in my cash flow, and frustration level. Before, I didn’t know why I wasn’t connecting. Now I know just what to say.  And that gives me the confidence to go after my ideal clients, even on days when I am not at full energy. That ability to be consistent in my message and effort is really paying off.

Now that the opt-in page is online, I’m super excited to have a plan for keeping my client schedule full. Thanks, Karen! I can’t wait to do the next step.

Miriam Ortiz y Pino, CPO
Gain Control of Your Time, Stuff, & Space

We’ve just launched an irresistible free offer and new branding for her website. I love her new colors!

If you need any help getting control of your piles of papers, I highly recommend her FREE One Minute Mail Solution Kit. It’s fabulous! You can get it here:

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  1. Jorge
    Oct 10, 2012

    Gerry- good advice. Too many lawreys are living in the past and still think that information is power . Frankly, that’s just not the case anymore. Anyone can search Google and get info and answers. The key to standout in today’s market is to be different to fascinate the potential customer or client. Using your video technique begins the fascination process and with the right follow-up, will lead to more clients. Good stuff bud. Thanks for sharing! Mitch

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