6-Figure List Building Strategies – How Much is Your List Worth?

As a coach or consultant, you know that it’s important to have a list of prospects and clients. In online marketing we call this “your list,” and it is created when people subscribe or opt-in on your website.

I find that most coaches starting out don’t realize how valuable their list is or how powerful it is at helping them achieve a great income. So in this article, I’ll help you calculate some critical numbers you need to know.

You’re going to love this. Just plug in these simple formulas to calculate how many subscribers you’ll need to have a 6-figure (or multiple 6-figure) coaching practice.

7 Must Know Disaster Preparation Tips for Your Coaching Business

What would happen if your home office was damaged in a storm or there was a disaster in your area, and you had to evacuate? Could you continue your coaching practice during the crisis? Or would you be out of business until you could return home?

Before you dismiss the idea, consider that an evacuation could mean weeks away home, not just a day or two. Here are my top 7 disaster preparation tips for coaches and consultants who work from home.