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How to Add an Email Address to a Safe List

If you have an AOL account: AOL has a very aggressive SPAM filter system to block SPAM from entering your inbox. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that they occasionally block emails that you have requested.

You can make sure that you receive emails from Karen Brunet by:

  • Add “Karen@ESSdreamteam.com” to your address book & “approved” sender list.
  • Open the message as soon as it is convenient for you to do so. Our emails will be from Karen Brunet – ESS, Karen@ESSdreamteam.com. AOL’s SPAM filters recognize what kind of email you consistently delete and will begin to automatically block messages from ever reaching your inbox.
    For example, if you do not open Karen Brunet – ESS, Karen@ ESSdreamteam.com email for about a week, AOL’s filters will automatically begin to block you from receiving additional messages from us.
  • If you are not receiving our messages, we suggest that you contact AOL and request that they unblock Karen@ESSdreamteam.com.

If you DO NOT have an AOL account: There are many email and SPAM filtering settings that could possibly block emails.

Usually, simply adding Karen@ESSdreamteam.com to your address book, approved sender list, contacts list, white list, or safe list (it is called different things in different email programs) should allow our messages to reach you without difficulties.

If you stop receiving messages, try contacting your ISP to find out why our messages are being blocked.

Tips to Avoid Problems: Here are 3 strategies for ensuring you continue to receive our emails.

  1. Add Karen@ESSdreamteam.com to your address book, approved sender list, contacts list, white list, or safe list, as mentioned above.
  2. Contact your ISP or ESP. If you still do not receive our messages, contact your ISP or ESP technical support for help and request that Karen@ESSdreamteam.com be unblocked.
  3. If you use a POP3 account such as name@yourdomainname.com, try using a free web-based email account such as Gmail, MSN, or Hotmail.