Meet Karen Brunet, The Irresistible Marketing Coach

[frame_left][/frame_left]Karen Brunet is passionate about helping coaches and consultants create irresistible marketing, offers, programs, and websites.

Karen is no stranger to online marketing and computers.  Her career started in the late 1970’s programming the Apple I, Apple’s first PC computer.  After attending university where she majored in computer science, she went on to work for several engineering companies in the “new” field of computerized bookkeeping and accounting.

Following the birth of her daughter, she worked several years as a Regional Manager and Financial Advisor for a US based financial services firm and held Series 7 and 63 licenses for Tennessee and Louisiana.

In 1995, she and her husband started an engineering services firm, and she accepted the position of Corporate Administrator and began homeschooling.

It was during this time that Karen was introduced to the emerging world of Internet marketing and website design.  That was back in 2003 when most people were still using dial up modems.

Karen enrolled in an Internet marketing and webmaster course and was hooked.  Before long she had started offering online marketing consulting and website design to a few select group of clients.

In 2005, she joined her first Internet business coaching program, Rhea’s Proteges.  And in 2006, she won Outstanding Protégé at Entrepreneur Days 2006 in Nashville, TN.

In 2007, Karen was awarded Protégé of the Year at Entrepreneur days 2007 in Atlanta, GA for her business development and growth after tripling business profits 2 years in a row.

That same year, responding to the need for web design training that incorporated Internet marketing strategies and cutting-edge Internet technology, Karen created a 5 week webinar course titled “Intermediate Web Design.”  The class sold out and had students from all over the world.

She followed that with a special 3 month apprenticeship titled “Advanced Web Design and Apprenticeship Program” for a select group of students – all of whom went on to start their own online businesses.

The Mother Lode Website™ step-by-step online marketing system was created in 2008 in response to the growing need of coaches, consultants and other service entrepreneurs who wanted a powerful but easy way to market their services online and attract high end clients.  This proprietary online marketing system utilizes the latest Internet marketing techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Today, she is a highly sought-after business and marketing coach and her programs include branding, niche development, program creation, irresistible marketing, and award winning web design.

She’s been featured as an expert for several programs, including Website Creation Class, Rhea’s Protégé Coaching Program, and the Extra-ordinary Results Coaching Program.  And Karen is a regular featured author for Health Coach Weekly where she helps health coaches and holistic practitioners attract high end clients with ease.

Karen is available to speak to your group on a variety of subjects including “Create an Irresistible Brand …in 1 Day or Less,” “Why Your Website Sucks …and What to Do About It,” and “How to Easily Attract High-end Clients.”

If you would like to interview Karen for your coaching program, class, or course, you can contact Karen here .