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How to Mine More Wealth and Clients
With Your Website

Part 1 – Automate Your Lead Generation Process


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Part1-Lead-Generation – Click Here to Listen

Listening time: 10 minutes
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Today’s audio will cover:

  • What does lead generation mean and why is it a critical factor in your business
  • The most effective way to generate leads online
  • The #1 mistake coaches and consultants make with their website
  • The #1 goal of your website – hint: it may not be what you think

Here’s what’s coming up:

Part 2 – How to Avoid Tire Kickers and Time Wasters

Part 3 – Establish Yourself As the Expert

Part 4 – How to Avoid Cold Calling

Part 5 – Get a Steady Stream of Income and Clients without Working So Hard

Part 6 – Selling Naturally Through Relationship, Not Pressure or Hype

Part 7 – How to Overcome Technical Overwhelm and Easily Make Decisions about
Your Online Business

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Karen Brunet