Niche Breakthrough Intensive – VIP Day

What to Do, What to Write, and What to Say to Easily Attract Your Ideal Client

In just one day, learn how to attract more clients, sell more programs, and market easier than ever before.  The Niche Breakthrough Intensive is designed to help you get crystal clear on your niche, ideal client, and the transformation clients experience when working with you.

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Irresistible Programs and Offers – VIP Day

What if you could double – or even triple – your income
…without having to work more hours?

What if you could provide clients with a truly transformational experience that inspires them to lasting change?

You can… And I can show you exactly how to do it in just 1 day!

The Irresistible Programs and Offers VIP Day is designed to help you create multiple, high-end programs that are irresistible to your ideal clients.

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Irresistible Marketing – VIP Day

Have you ever seen a commercial and thought, “I HAVE to have that!”
Or you saw an advertisement and it instantly grabbed your attention, and you wanted to know more?

That’s what I call irresistible marketing. You just tell people “what you do” or “what you offer,” and they get really excited to learn more.

And in the Irresistible Marketing Program I’m going to show you how to create THAT for your coaching buisness – in just 1 day.

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Irresistible Branding Program

Create a Brand that Attracts High-End Clients with Ease

In the Irresistible Branding Program, we’ll help you package your unique talents, knowlege, training, and gifts in a way that easily attracts high-end clients. You’ll finally be able to set yourself uniquely apart from your competition and become THE expert they want to hire.

Ideal clients will be pre-sold on the idea of working with you. And you’ll begin to attract just the right opportunities and partnerships that can propel your business forward.

When you have irresistible branding, marketing becomes fun! You’ll begin to attract more interest, get better results, and earn more income for your efforts.

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JumpStart Website Program

The JumpStart Website is a customed designed, landing-page WordPress website that highlights your irresistible free offer and helps you generate leads on auto-pilot.  When combined with a follow-up marketing system, it gets ideal clients calling you for appointments.

We will incorporate your existing branding, choose colors, and design the page layout to accomplish your specific online marketing goals.

If this is your first website, the JumpStart Website can give you a professional online presence faster and with a much smaller investment than a full Mother Lode Website™.

And you’ll be able to easily upgrade to a Mother Lode Website, or you can add a blog and unlimited number of webpages yourself in the future.

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Mother Lode Website™ Program

The Mother Lode Website™ is a full featured WordPress website. It is custom designed to highlight your unique brilliance and establish you as “the expert” clients want to work with! We’ll feature your irresistible free offer and help you generate leads on auto-pilot. When combined with a follow-up marketing system, it gets ideal clients calling you for appointments.

We take you step-by-step through the process of building your online presence – one that genuinely reflects who you are and consistently attracts clients.

We will incorporate your existing branding, help you choose colors to attract your niche, and design the page layout to accomplish your specific online marketing goals.

The Mother Lode Website™ is built on a WordPress platform using a premium theme with a mobile responsive design that incorporates Google’s best practices. It’s very easy to maintain, and you can add unlimited webpages yourself in the future.

We also take care of all the technical details – from helping you choose a domain name to setting up your hosting and autoresponder accounts. It includes Google analytics, basic search engine optimization, and much, much more.

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Contact Karen to learn more about these programs.